By Nathan Plageman
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Indiana University Press

ISBN 978-0-253-00729-2

336 Pages

PURL 1.2. “Nkyrinna” (This generation). Source: B. E. Sackey Band.

Media reference: pg. 54

About this recording

While this song’s lyrics reflect the generational tensions inherent in a lot of proto-highlife music, its musical characteristics personify the guitar band highlife style first popularized by Jacob Sam. During the 1950s and 1960s, guitar band highlife was quite different from its dance band counterpart, not only due to its reliance on the guitar and palmwine patterns, but for its incorporation into “concert parties”, vaudeville/theatrical shows that took place in front of seated, and often rural, audiences. The song, as well as the others featured in the book or in additional PURLs, appears with its original title. As is the case with this song, the words used in the transcribed lyrical content, which attempt to privilege accurate grammar and spelling, occasionally differ.