By Ketty Wong
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PURL 6.2 Tecnocumbia "Por internet" (Over the Internet)

Media reference: pg. 167

About this recording

This song was composed in the early 2000s by chichera composer Ricardo Realpe, and popularized by Azucena Aymara, the performer in this recording. It was release in a period of massive international migrations in Ecuador due to the economic crisis, and it became a hit among the Ecuadorian popular classes.

This song speaks to the experiences of many Ecuadorians who either have left the country in search of better economic opportunities, or have stayed in Ecuador hoping to receive news from their loved ones. Its lyrics refer to a long-distance relationship that survives thanks to “a letter with my kisses sent with love by Internet.” 

This tecnocumbia exemplifies the blending of disparate musical elements that reference modernity. It combines salsa and cumbia rhythms in the refrain and stanza sections and incorporates pentatonic-like melodies and the accordion timbre, typical of arrangements of mestizo sanjuanito.

The song starts with a conga rhythmic pattern implying salsa music, but immediately switches to cumbia with the typical eighth–two sixteenth-notes rhythm played on the güiro and the woodblock marking a regular beat.

The introduction, which alternates melodies and countermelodies played by the trumpet, the accordion, and the keyboard, has a prominent Caribbean flavor. The stanzas, however, introduce bimodal melodic inflections in major and minor modes. They also introduce a rhythmic section combining the typical sanjuanito motif of four sixteenth-notes and melodic cadences ending on the third of the tonic chord. These are typical musical features of Ecuadorian mestizo music. The refrain returns to the Caribbean music sphere and presents a salsa riff on the piano juxtaposed with a cumbia rhythm.


Una foto, una carta con mis besos

Te los mando con cariño en Internet

Mil recuerdos, mil abrazos, mil caricias

Como prueba de que siempre te amaré.


Por internet, por internet

Todo mi cariño te lo mandaré

Por internet, por internet

Un millón de besos te los mandaré.


Que te llegue a cualquier parte del mundo

A España, a Europa, a Nueva York

Más de prisa que el mismo pensamiento

Yo te envío mi amor con mucho amor.


A photo, a letter with my kisses

I send to you with love by Internet

A thousand memories, a thousand hugs, a thousand caresses

As proof that I will always love you.


By Internet, by Internet

All my love I will send to you

By Internet, by Internet

A million kisses I will send to you.


May it reach you anywhere in the world

In Spain, in Europe, in New York,

Faster than the thought itself

I send to you my love with lots of love.