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By Jean Ngoya Kidula
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Indiana University Press, 2013

ISBN 978-0-253-00668-4

312 Pages

PURL 3.3 | Jean Kidula, “Kwinye avaana va Goibei” (We, the children of Goibei)

Media reference: p. 56   

About this recording

This song in Lulogoli is used in much the same way as PURL 3.2 | Jean Kidula, “Sisi was Goibei” (We, of Goibei). In the text, children introduce themselves or announce their arrival at for example a malago performance (pp. 55-58). The style of the song suggests an earlier appearance than “Sisi was Goibei.” The song was also raised at wedding sings and at competitive events such as football games.


Lulogooli text:

Kwinye avaana va Goibei, kukole gadukana

Kwinye avaana va Goibei, kukole kukole kukole


Literal translation:

We the children of Goibei, let us do what ought to be done

We the children of Goibei, let us do it.


“We, the Children/heritage of Goibei, do what ought to be done.” (We will perform our very best or win convincingly – leaving no doubt in any mind, etc.)


The place (Goibei) can be substituted for other names such as actual names of people (e.g. Nyamusi, Angose) or mentors such as parents (Vamama, Vababa), pastors (Pasita), teachers (Vigidzi), or age group (Dotikomu –