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By Jean Ngoya Kidula
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Indiana University Press, 2013

ISBN 978-0-253-00668-4

312 Pages

PURL 5.6 | Visukulu va Zakayo, “Si gali masahi” (It was not the blood of beasts) and “O Yesu nguyanza” (Oh Jesus, I love you)

Media reference: p.126   

About this recording

The Lulogooli lyrics for “Si gali masahi” (Tsinyimbu tsya Nyasaye Hymn No. 68) were translated from the hymn “Not All the Blood of Beasts” by Isaac Watts (1709). The hymn’s text and tune are discussed on pp. 124-126 and notated in Example 5.10. For a different performance of the second song, “O Yesu nguyanza,” see PURL 5.5 | Women of Goibei PAG church, “O Yesu nguyanza” (Oh Jesus, I love you) and Example 5.7.  Also included in this recording are two versions of "Cha kutumaini sina" (PURL 6.1 | Focus group of Goibei Women, “Ligulu lili ihale” (The heavens are yonder)), Examples 5.17c and 5.17d