Music in Kenyan Christianity

Logooli Religious Song

By Jean Ngoya Kidula
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Indiana University Press, 2013

ISBN 978-0-253-00668-4

312 Pages


This sensitive study is a historical, cultural, and musical exploration of Christian religious music among the Logooli of Western Kenya. It describes how new musical styles developed through contact with popular radio and other media from abroad and became markers of the Logooli identity and culture. Jean Ngoya Kidula narrates this history of a community through music and religious expression in local, national, and global settings.


Note on Spelling and Orthography
List of Abbreviations
1. Prelude
2. Assembly: Logooli Historical, Cultural, and Musical Background
3. Encounter: Avalogooli and Euro-American Religion, Culture, and Music
4. Consolidation: Christian Religious Genres in Logooli-Land
5. Accommodation: Logooli Adoption and Use of “Book” Music
6. Syncretism: Logooli Christian Songs of the Spirit
7. Invocation: Logooli Christian Songs in Contemporary Education and Media
8. Epilogue
Appendix I: Archival and Media House Records
Appendix II: Song Text and Hymn Tune Sources
Glossary of Terms


Jean Ngoya Kidula is Associate Professor of Music (Ethnomusicology) at the Hugh Hodgson School of Music, University of Georgia. She is co-author (with R. R. King, T. Oduro, J. R. Krabill) of Music in the Life of the African Church.

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